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    Wednesday, March 07, 2018   /   by Leon Zhivelev

    PropertySpark.com names Julie's Realty as one of the top 40 Real Estate Social Media accounts you HAVE TO FOLLOW IN 2018!

    We wanted to thank the team from PropertySpark.com, an all-in-one Social Media management platform for Real Estate Agents, for featuring us in their latest blog article showcasing the top 40 Real Estate Instagram accounts that you have to follow!

    It's a great feeling when you are considered one of the top firms in your industry by an actual company that deals with Social Media management for that industry. Guess we are doing something right!

    "Julie Sidorevskaya and her team are dedicated to providing amazing service to their clients. The Miami based real estate agents post photos of stunning listings to their 19,000+ followers. Clients are their top priority and Julies Realty keeps their audience posted about different events they host to educate their staff and keep them on their toes!"

    Follow our Instagram here!

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    Wednesday, February 07, 2018   /   by Leon Zhivelev

    Vonshari Hoardes - Welcome to the team!

    Although relatively new to the world of buying and selling real estate, Vonshari Hoardes has over three years of experience in property management, which is where her passion for realty was born. Savvy, determined and always professional, Vonshari excels at the art of persuasion – a talent which perfectly suits her chosen career field and that is key in helping clients achieve their goals. 

    A lifelong native of Miami, Vonshari has the inside track on local properties, their histories and the current market as a whole. Whether helping a client buy, sell, lease, rent or manage the property of their dreams, her goal is to always deal honestly and directly with representatives on both sides of the contract.
    When she’s not working hard to help clients achieve their dreams, Vonshari also works as a corrections officer, with her main focus being care, custody and control of inmates. 

    If it’s passion, friendliness and an astute knowledge of the South Miam ...

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      new agent spotlight

    Tuesday, February 06, 2018   /   by Leon Zhivelev

    The Best Tips on Renovating and Selling a Home In South Florida

    The Best Tips on Renovating and Selling a Home In South Florida
    Contributed by Jim McKinley

    Renovating a home to sell is a massive undertaking, and there are so many things to think about
    according to which state you’re in. For Florida homes, it’s important to be familiar with the
    neighborhood, the weather, and state property laws. Having a good plan in place will save you
    time, money, and energy and will keep everyone involved in the project happy, so be sure you
    figure out the details before work starts.

    Here are some of the best tips on renovating a home in Florida.


    As with any project, the planning stage is the most crucial and the most fun. Here you can be
    creative and really let your imagination run wild. Look through design magazines and check out
    shows on HGTV to get some ideas on what you want the home to look like. There are a ton of
    options, so do some research to find out how old the home is and consider making its history ...

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    Monday, January 29, 2018   /   by Leon Zhivelev

    Levaughn Malcolm - Welcome to the team!

    LeVaughn Malcolm specializes in making life easy for his real estate clients. An avid researcher and market enthusiast, LeVaughn goes above and beyond to guide clients through transactions from beginning to end, while answering any questions that may arise along the way.
    LeVaughn’s specialties include income properties, single-family homes and commercial real estate, and he works hard to help clients realize their dreams, whether it’s finding that four-bedroom dream home or renovating that historic fixer-upper.
    With a bachelor’s degree from Florida International University and an eight-year employment history with the United States Marine Corps, LeVaughn brings discipline, experience and determination to the table – assets that serve clients well. He’s motivated, passionate and caring, and he excels at going that extra mile to make sure clients not only reach their real estate goals, but that they understand every step of the process along the way. ...

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    Thursday, January 18, 2018   /   by Leon Zhivelev

    The Luau - Lost History of North Bay Village

    Courtesty of MiamiSprings Memories Facebook Page

    The Luau - Lost History of North Bay Village

    The Luau was a popular Polynesian restaurant on the 79th Street Causeway in Miami Beach/North Bay Village that opened in 1955.

    From the back of a postcard advertising The Luau:

    " At 1755 North Bay Causeway, You'll think you're in Shanghai, with an exotic bar, queens chairs at the head of tables, and a show room that looks over Biscayne Bay, and is occupied by the Aloha Islanders Revue."

    Miami Beach's Luau was created in 1955 by owner Jerry Brooks, who hired nightclub designer Franklyn Hughes (sometimes spelled Franklin Hughes) to create a space full of Polynesian spectacle. The entry to the restaurant was a thatched hut with an exaggerated pointed peak, and the sign was a towering rock wall with large blue letters vertically spelling LUAU. The front landscaping was dense with palm trees, and in the '60s, also included stylized white moai by Lewis Van Dercar. Van Dercar al ...

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